The Community


Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association is a group of adults who have an interest in the activities, governance and success of the school. The Parents and Friends Association is open to all parents of students at St Joseph's. Parents are welcome to attend the P&F Association meetings held once a term (as advised in the newsletter) to discuss the matters that affect the ongoing success of the school.

The Association is active in school activities such as canteen, school fete, clothing pool, disco nights, book week, family barbecues, sporting carnivals, working bees, excursions, classroom assistance, information meetings, other social events, assemblies and liturgies.

During each Parents and Friends Association meeting minutes are recorded. Click on the link below to view these minutes.


Our Annual School Report

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The Local Area

St Joseph's serves the parish centres of Blayney, Carcoar, Millthorpe and Mandurama, drawing its student population from a broad rural area. Around 40% of the present enrolment live outside of Blayney's town boundaries - bus services provide transport for many of these students.

Community Activities

St Joseph's actively participates in a number of community areas including senior citizens visits, the Blayney Show, the Daffodil Show, local Catholic masses and excursions.