Religious Education

St Joseph's Catholic School is first and foremost a religious school. It provides a unique opportunity for students to grow, in relationship with God and also in knowledge, understanding, wisdom and life skills, in a way that integrates their faith and their daily lives.

Religious education is at the heart of our Catholic School. It forms an integral part of the total curriculum and is directed toward the personal and religious development of students.

Our students are actively involved in gaining knowledge and understanding of the Catholic tradition. They can also gain awareness of other religious traditions and of the nature of religion and its place in human life and in Australian society. Students use their knowledge, skills and understanding to nurture their own religious and moral development.

Our school provides opportunities for students to participate in experiences of prayer, worship, meditation, liturgy and mass. Preparation for reception of the Sacraments is also provided.

At St Joseph's Catholic School students are prepared for the following Sacraments:

  • Reconciliation - Year 2
  • First Holy Communion - Year 3
  • Confirmation - Year 6

As part of the Confirmation Program in Year 6 also participate in Christian Living Camp. This camp provides these young people with the opportunity to come together with others from Diocesan schools to share faith as well as social activities.

Religious Education is a shared enterprise of the whole school community. The essential partnership between home, parish and school is sustained through the school's welcome, encouragement and invitation for involvement to parents, priests and other members of the community.