Student Welfare and Pastoral Care

"Pastoral Care" encompasses everything the school community does to encourage the students to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually towards their human potential at school.

If the climate of care within the school is to be truly Christ centred, the students themselves have an integral role to play. As contributors to Pastoral Care at school, students share the responsibility for promoting respect for the rights of all members of the community.

An important part of this process is that students learn to become responsible for their own behaviour and that the school actively promotes positive behaviour. The school’s Behaviour Management Plan has been developed by the staff and students of St Joseph’s Catholic School, so all will understand what type of student behaviour is expected and how we will respond to differing types of behaviour.

For the students, this system means that they have to make decisions about their behaviour. The Commendation System of Behaviour Management ensures that the student, whose behaviour deserves praise, will be recognised.

It is hoped that as a result of this management plan, parents, teachers and students will facilitate the maintenance of Christ centred pastoral care for the whole school community.

More information on Pastoral Care and the Behaviour Management Plan is available in the School Handbook, which is freely available to parents, students, teachers and members of the community. Contact us to arrange a copy.