Getting to School

School Hours

School hours for all students are from 9:00 am until 3:15pm, Monday - Friday. The school provides active supervision from 8:40am until 3:40pm. The school does not take responsibility for student’s safety outside these hours, unless special arrangements are made.

Students who arrive before 8:40am are asked to wait in the front quadrangle for the teacher on duty to arrive. Students at school after 3:40pm are asked to wait in the foyer of the main office. If a child misses a bus, parents will be contacted.

11:05- 11:30am

1:00- 1:45pm

After School
3:15pm - Official lessons finish at this time. Students who travel home by bus will be escorted to bus lines near the canteen, while students walking, riding or being picked up by parents will be escorted to the front quadrangle by their teachers.

Bus Travel

Free bus travel is available to all Kinder, Year 1 and Year 2 students. All Primary students who live outside the 1.6 kilometre radius from their school are also eligible for free bus travel. There are exemptions for medical and safety grounds.

Wet Weather
During wet weather students travelling by bus will enter and depart the school via the School Hall in Hill Street.

For safety reasons, children who ride a bicycle to school are asked to walk their bicycle from the front gate to the designated bike rack. Bicycle riders, by law must wear a safety helmet. No student is permitted to ride or touch another student's bicycle.