St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School recognises that the management of student behaviour and the processes of discipline are important in the day-to-day running of the school. As well, this relates to the overall formation and improvement of each student.

Our Identity

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is proudly founded on the traditions of the Sisters of St Joseph’s, with inspiration from St Mary of the Cross and Fr Julian Tension Woods

Vision & Mission Statement

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is a professional learning community that promotes high levels of achievement in a collaborative, nurturing, Christ-centred environment.

Our Mission

Care and high quality teaching based on our values of excellence, respect, justice, service and compassion. Inspired by Mary MacKillop’s example St Joseph’s aims to provide a quality Catholic education that prepares each student for the future through School-wide Positive Behaviours For Learning

At St Joseph’s we follow the SPB4L guidelines as part of our Behaviour Policy. This is where we focus on the positive behaviours of all our students. We have adopted the rules: