Syllabuses NSW Board of Studies

The NSW Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) has developed syllabuses that clearly identify the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes that students will be expected to develop in each learning area.

There are six Key Learning Areas (KLAs) in the NSW curriculum;

With the addition, Religious Education Curriculum prescribed by the Catholic Education Diocesan Bathurst (CEDB)

Literacy and Numeracy

These foundation skills remain a key focus of the learning and teaching curriculum in Primary years. St Joseph's prioritises daily blocks of uninterrupted time for English and Mathematics in order to facilitate the learning of essential literacy and numeracy skills.

Class Programs

Teachers respond to syllabuses by designing learning and teaching programs to meet students learning needs. Teachers work collaboratively across stages to consider school priorities and targets, determine essential skills and assessments, select learning activities including the use of technologies and garner expertise and resources to engage and improve student learning.

Assessment and Feedback

On-going assessment for learning enables teachers to make informed decisions about students' progress and achievement. Regular and specific feedback is provided to both students and parents to further support effective learning.

Stages of Learning

All Primary schools in NSW follow a curriculum based on stages of learning. For each learning stage, there are skills, knowledge and a level of understanding that each student should develop over a two year period.