St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Blayney is a primary co-educational school community which provides a comprehensive, well rounded education for all students from their earliest years in Transition to the completion of their primary schooling in Year Six.

The school’s mission highlights the development of the whole person within a safe, faithfilled and caring environment. The school’s motto urges students to Strive For Better Things, to set high expectations and pursue excellence. 

St Joseph’s offers a quality Catholic education within a family atmosphere. The curriculum is supported by an up-to-date teaching and learning pedagogy, and is underpinned by a wide range of appropriate and relevant resources. Out of school experiences in the cultural, academic, spiritual, social and sporting arenas are strategically provided and enable all students an opportunity to broaden their opportunities.

Our school boasts small class sizes and friendly, approachable and experienced teaching and ancillary staff.

Pastoral Care in the school underpins the welfare and discipline policies. The commendation system for managing student behaviour focuses on positive acknowledgement and reward for success, acceptable conduct and achievement. 

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Short History of the School

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School possesses a proud heritage and a 126 year old tradition of community-building and service in the Blayney region.

The origin of the school and the foundation of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph's are closely linked.

The Australian-New Zealand Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph sprang from the community which gathered around Father Julian Edmond Tension-Woods and Mother Mary Mackillop at Penola, South Australia, and lived according to a rule which Father Wood wrote in Adelaide in May, 1867. From this distant beginning a foundation was made at Perthville, on 16th July, 1872, and in 1881.  Eight years after the foundation of the Convent at Perthville, four sisters arrived in Blayney to open a School.

The sisters laboured among the people with true charity, humility, dependence upon God’s providence, and much selfless love to spread the Good News as apostolic followers of Christ. In the present day absence of active sisters in the school community, the role of continuing the challenging work commenced and carried on by the sisters now rests in the hands of dedicated and committed lay teachers.

This courageous beginning and the intermediary years provide St. Joseph’s with a vital and on-going sense of mission and a dynamic and creative response to the challenges of our times. Perhaps the following extract, taken from the "First Draft Federation Constitutions, 1969", draws not only upon the achievements of the past but gives substance and direction of the future:

We were founded with vision and courage precisely to undertake a new experience, to live as religious had not lived before and to work under conditions that they had not experienced before. The first Sisters of St. Josephs sensed the spirit of a new world in a way that has left its mark...

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Time line of significant developments

1877 Foundation stone laid for the first Catholic Church in Blayney.
1880 Foundation stone laid for St Joseph’s Convent.
1881 13th March, first Catholic Church blessed and opened by Bishop Dunne.
1891 12th November, Stage 1 of the Infants building, blessed and opened by Bishop Dunne.
1932 20th March, Stage 2 of the Infants building, blessed and opened by Bishop Norton.
1954 14th March, Sanctuary of the chapel, blessed and opened by Bishop Norton.
1957 29th March, St James Parish Hall, blessed and opened by Bishop Norton.
1960 20th November, St Theresa’s Infants building, blessed and opened by Bishop Norton.
1967 18th July, Secondary additions, blessed and opened by Bishop Thomas.
1981 2nd May, Catholic Church relocated to Adelaide Street, blessed and opened by Bishop Thomas.
1984 12th August, Primary additions, blessed and opened by Bishop Patrick Dougherty.
2000 2nd April, Infants Building blessed and opened by Bishop Patrick Dougherty.
2009 18th December, closure of the Secondary school. Renamed St Joseph's Catholic Primary School and continues as a Primary K-6 school.
2011 17th March, opening of the MacKillop Hall and new Library.
2017 13th October, completed construction of The Hub Learning Space.
2019 30th January, introduction of the Transition class.