St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School participates in the St James’ Parish Sacramental Programme. This is a co-operative programme involving the Parish and our Parish Schools, and is a good example of the Catholic Schools, Parish Priest and Parish staff working closely together. Sacramental grades include:

  Confirmation - Year 6

  First Communion - Year 3

  Penance - Year 2

The Sacramental preparation takes place through a Parish-School based programme, one that seeks to include the parents (who are the prime educators in faith) and the wider Church community.

The in-class Sacramental teaching program is based on the Bathurst Diocesan Religious Education Program and is implemented prior to the reception of the Sacrament. Sacraments usually take place at St James’ church in Blayney

Parent information meetings are held prior to the time of each Sacramental reception. It is required that parents attend these evening meetings. Following the meeting for each Sacrament, parents must take their child to an ‘Enrolment Ceremony’, which is held within all Parish Masses on set weekends. The Parish community supports the children preparing for each Sacrament.